First of all— thank you for arriving on here. I’m glad we could connect, even if only for a few asynchronous moments.

Human Ingredients is a space that explores our desire for genuine connection and how we fulfill it through both the visible and invisible parts of ourselves : our language, our art, our sense of curiosity and wanderlust, our rituals and communities.

On these pages, you’ll find my reflections on living in various spaces around the world; my experience learning languages and attempting to communicate with those who are different from me; the challenges I face along my personal, professional, and spiritual journey (and how I strive to overcome them); and my evolution as an artist of multiple communicative media. Bref, I write about a lot of things— but so many of the things in our world are connected in some way. You just have to lend your attention.

So feel welcome to wander around in this particular corner of the universe, or learn more about my story here.


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