Hello, friend.

Why I Left West Africa

Human Ingredients is a digital story that explores the ways we (re)connect to the world, to each other, and to ourselves.

I like to think of it as a story about how we can grow— emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, creatively, cross-culturally.

I began telling this story for three main reasons :

1 — I knew I wanted to write, no matter how cringy or overly emotional or simply bad I thought it was. Maintaining a blog has not only kept me accountable to the practice of writing, but has also helped me become more comfortable with embracing the process of it.

2 — I wanted to learn, and especially remember what I’ve learned. Whether that means through navigating different cultures or experiencing new art or having conversations with all kinds of people, I wanted a place to process what I’ve encountered. To paraphrase John Dewey : if we don’t reflect on an experience, we don’t learn from it.

3 — I am a person who desires to form deep and genuine connections with others. I realize the Internet is perhaps not the most viable or likely place to send out and receive radio waves of connection, but for those friends who already read this blog, I believe this act of vulnerability allows me to connect more deeply with you, as I connect more deeply with myself.

So thank you for reading and joining me on this journey. It already means a lot to me that you’ve read this far. And if something resonates with you, feel free to start the conversation.

Safe travels,


Don’t surrender your loneliness
So quickly.
Let it cut more deep.

Let it ferment and season you
As few human or even
Divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tonight
Has made my eyes so soft
My voice
So tender,

My need of God


Matemwe, Zanzibar


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