Some Thoughts on Language “Fluency”

Un camino lindo en Mindo (Ecuador)

“So how many languages do you speak?” It’s a question I get quite often, and it’s one that deserves a lot more nuance than a one-word response. Having grown up as a monolingual in a household of multiple languages, I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of multilingualism, to speak two, three, or even an… Continue reading Some Thoughts on Language “Fluency”

To Buenos Aires

Te echo de menos, Amor de Verano— Even if I struggle to speak of three days  We spent in love strolling across  Summer afternoons in Italy and France  In t-shirts and gym shorts, still I  Whisper your name beneath blankets  Of strangers. We lay on the grass behind Gardens of roses and flowers of metal,… Continue reading To Buenos Aires